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Famous Places in India

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1. Which among the following states of India have common borders with Pakistan?
  • A. Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan
  • B. Punjab,Jammu and Kashmir,Rajasthan and Gujarat
  • C. Jammu and Kashmir,Punjab,Haryana and Rajasthan
  • D. Punjab,Himachal Pradesh,Gujarat,and Rajasthan
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2. Out of the four Southern States' Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which shares boundaries with the maximum number of Indian States?
3. Which one among the following Indian States shares international boundaries with three nations?
4. A person overflying India saw the natural vegetation below in the sequential order of tropical evergreen forest, savana, dry deciducous and deciducous.His flight was from
5. Which one of the following is correct? The Palghat Gap serves inland communications from
6. Which state assembly passed the protection of 'Manipur Proples' Bill 2015' on August 31, 2015 to protect the indegenious people of the state and proposes to issue a pass to others?
7. Which place a government operated postal system cater the e-commerce business enterprises, Communication and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has launched a dedicated e-commerce Centre of India Posts?
8. Very high grade iron ore found in india is limited and restricted mainly to
  • A. Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh
  • B. Degana in Rajasthan
  • C. Hospet area of Karnataka
  • D. Bailadila mines of Madhya Pradesh
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9. The average annual temperature of a meteorological station is 26° C, its average annual rainfall is 63 cm and the annual range temperature is 9 ° C. The station in question is
10. Which city is more Eastern?

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