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General Knowledge on Famous Places in India

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1. India’s biggest Global Skill Park will be set up in which city?
2. India’s first-ever mega textiles trade event “Textiles India 2017” has started in which city?
3. O N Dhar, the veteran figure and former bureaucrat has passed away in which city?
4. Who inaugurated the world’s Highest rail track at Leh, Jammu & Kashmir?
5. Which city has become the most expensive city in India according to Mercer’s 23rd Annual Cost of Living Survey?
6. The Kishtwar National Park (KNP) is located in which state?
7. Barren Island is located in which state / union territory?
8. The iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel of Mumbai has acquired an`image trademark’ under which act?
9. Which city to host the 105th edition of the Indian Science Congress (ISC)-2018?
10. India’s first vertical garden has set up in which state?  

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