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General Knowledge on Currency

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1. Which one of the following is not correct in the context of balance of payments of India during 2013-14?
  • A. Trade Balance was negative
  • B. Capital account balance was negative
  • C. India's exports were less than its imports
  • D. Net imbises were positive
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2. In India, the bank NABARD does not provide refinance to
  • A. Export-Import Banks
  • B. Regional Rural Banks
  • C. Scheduled Commercial Banks
  • D. State Land Development Banks
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3. Consider the following Important Sources of Tax Revenue for the Central Government
4. Ngultrum is a currency of which country?
5. The Phillips Curve represents relationship between
  • A. Deflation and Unemployment
  • B. Inflation and Unemployment
  • C. Inflation and Disguised Unemployment
  • D. Deflation and Cyclical Unemployment
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6. Hard currency is defined as currency
  • A. which can hardly be used for international transactions
  • B. which is used in times of war
  • C. which loses its value very fast
  • D. traded in foreign exchange market for which demand is persistently relative to the supply
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7. Which one of the following forms the largest share of deficit in Government of India budget?
8. 'Repo Rates' is the rate at which
  • A. the RBI lends to States Governments
  • B. the International Aid Agencies lend to RBI
  • C. the RBI lends to banks
  • D. the bank lend to RBI
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9. Rise in the price of a commodity means
  • A. rise in the value of currency only
  • B. fall in the value of currency only
  • C. rise in the value of commodity only
  • D. fall in the value of currency and rise in the value of commodity
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10. If the interest rate is decreased in an economy, it will
  • A. decrease the consumption expenditure in the economy
  • B. increase the tax collection of the government
  • C. increase the investment expenditure in the economy
  • D. increase the total savings in the economy
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