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1. The Phillips Curve represents relationship between
  • A. Deflation and Unemployment
  • B. Inflation and Unemployment
  • C. Inflation and Disguised Unemployment
  • D. Deflation and Cyclical Unemployment
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2. Hard currency is defined as currency
  • A. which can hardly be used for international transactions
  • B. which is used in times of war
  • C. which loses its value very fast
  • D. traded in foreign exchange market for which demand is persistently relative to the supply
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3. Which one of the following forms the largest share of deficit in Government of India budget?
4. 'Repo Rates' is the rate at which
  • A. the RBI lends to States Governments
  • B. the International Aid Agencies lend to RBI
  • C. the RBI lends to banks
  • D. the bank lend to RBI
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5. Rise in the price of a commodity means
  • A. rise in the value of currency only
  • B. fall in the value of currency only
  • C. rise in the value of commodity only
  • D. fall in the value of currency and rise in the value of commodity
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6. If the interest rate is decreased in an economy, it will
  • A. decrease the consumption expenditure in the economy
  • B. increase the tax collection of the government
  • C. increase the investment expenditure in the economy
  • D. increase the total savings in the economy
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7. Financial sector reforms in India consists of
  • A. lowering down of CRR and SLR
  • B. entry of private firms in insurance sector
  • C. deregulation of rate of interest
  • D. All of the above
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8. M1 includes
9. 'Devaluation' means
  • A. converting rupee into gold
  • B. lowering of the value of one currency in comparison of some foreign currency
  • C. making rupee dearer in comparison to some foreign currency
  • D. None of the above
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10. The oldest stock exchange of India is
  • A. Bombay Stock Exchange
  • B. Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
  • C. Bangalore Stock Exchange
  • D. Hyderabad Stock Exchange
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