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General Knowledge on Currency

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1. Which country has officially recognized Bitcoin and digital currencies as legal money?
2. How much penalty will be imposed on banks if they refuse to exchange soiled or scribed currency notes from people, according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
3. Which one of the following is not correct in the context of balance of payments of India during 2013-14?
  • A. Trade Balance was negative
  • B. Capital account balance was negative
  • C. India's exports were less than its imports
  • D. Net imbises were positive
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4. In India, the bank NABARD does not provide refinance to
  • A. Export-Import Banks
  • B. Regional Rural Banks
  • C. Scheduled Commercial Banks
  • D. State Land Development Banks
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5. Consider the following Important Sources of Tax Revenue for the Central Government
6. Ngultrum is a currency of which country?
7. The Phillips Curve represents relationship between
  • A. Deflation and Unemployment
  • B. Inflation and Unemployment
  • C. Inflation and Disguised Unemployment
  • D. Deflation and Cyclical Unemployment
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8. Hard currency is defined as currency
  • A. which can hardly be used for international transactions
  • B. which is used in times of war
  • C. which loses its value very fast
  • D. traded in foreign exchange market for which demand is persistently relative to the supply
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9. Which one of the following forms the largest share of deficit in Government of India budget?
10. 'Repo Rates' is the rate at which
  • A. the RBI lends to States Governments
  • B. the International Aid Agencies lend to RBI
  • C. the RBI lends to banks
  • D. the bank lend to RBI
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