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General Knowledge on Chemistry

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1. Which one of the following oxides is the most abundant in Earth crust?
2. In the modern food processing industries the food stuff are found to be preserved in the brine solution. What is the brine solution?
  • A. Saturated solution of FeCl3
  • B. Saturated solution of NaCl
  • C. Saturated solution of carbonic acid
  • D. Saturated solution of MgCl2
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3. KO2 (potassium superoxide) is used in oxygen cylinders in space and submarines because it
4. Scuba divers are at high risk due to high concentration of dissolved gases while breathing air at high pressure under water. The tanks used by Scuba divers are filled with
5. Soaps are important cleansing agent and this property is due to their emulsifying action. How does soap enhance the cleansing action ?
  • A. It has capacity to render more prolonged the mixing of oil and water
  • B. It breaks triple bond formed between dirt and cloth
  • C. It rises the temperature of the reaction
  • D. It has a strong acidic character which can dissolve the dirt
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6. Dirty clothes containing grease and oil stains are cleaned by adding detergents to water. Stains are removed because detergent
  • A. reduces drastically the surface tension between water and oil
  • B. increases the surface tension between water and oil
  • C. increases the viscosity of water and oil
  • D. decreases the viscosity in detergent mixed water
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7. Alcohol obtained in the saponification process is
8. The melting points and boiling points of the transition elements are higher than the corresponding s-block elements. Then which one among the following statements is correct?
  • A. Transition elements have smaller size
  • B. Presence of one or more unpaird electrons contributing to higher atomic forces on account of covalent bond
  • C. Presence of strong metallic bond due to small size and higher ionisation energy
  • D. Presence of vacant d-orbital
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9. Which of the following is correct for the semiconductor?
  • A. A large gap between filed band and vacant band
  • B. An impurity band present between filled band and vacant band.
  • C. A small gap between filled band and vacant band.
  • D. Filled band and vacant band overlap with one another
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10. Which one among the following statement about an atom is not correct?
  • A. Atoms always combine to from molecule
  • B. Atoms are the basic units from which molecules and ions are formed
  • C. Atoms are always neutral in nature
  • D. Atoms aggregate in large numbers to from the matter that we can see, feel and touch
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