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General Knowledge on Business

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1. In Banking Buissness, when a borrowers avail a term loan, initially they are given a repayment holiday and this is refered as?
2. Which of the following is at the apex of Indrustial Finance in India?
  • A. Reserve Bank of India
  • B. Indrustial Development Bank of India
  • C. Indrustial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
  • D. Indrustial Finance of India
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3. The Monitary Policy of India is formulated by?
4. Classification of an enterprise into public or private sector is based on
  • A. number of employees in the enterprise
  • B. ownership of assets of the enterprise
  • C. employment conditions for workers in the enterprise
  • D. nature of products manufactured by the enterprise
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5. Under flexible exchange rate system, the exchange rate is determined
  • A. predominantly by market mechanism
  • B. by the Central Bank
  • C. as a weighted index of a group of currencies
  • D. by the World Trade Organisation
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6. Base rate is the rate below which no bank can allow their lending to anyone.who sets up this 'Base Rate'for banks?
7. 'Sunrise Industries' are industries
  • A. which are well developed and have ample scope for further development
  • B. which improve export performance of the country
  • C. which are small-scale industries
  • D. which have high growth potential and meet further requirements of the economy
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8. Haridwar is well-known for which one of the following industries?
9. In the short run, a producer continues his production as long as he covers
10. The modal agency for implementing the "Rural Infrastructure Development Fund Programmes" is

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