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General Knowledge on Books and Authors

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1. Who wrote World's First Philosophical novel on God?
2. Choose the correct statement (s) regarding the book 'Unbelievable : Delhi to Islamabad' :
  • A. It was released by Vice-President M. Hamid Ansari in New Delhi
  • B. According to the book, a travelogue is an effort initiated by the lawyers of India and Pakistan to work jointly to ensure that
  • C. Similarly as given in point 2, the same treatment should be mended for the Indian prisoners on Pakistan and they should be given
  • D. All of the above
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3. Which one of the following is the central theme of 'the Communist Manifesto' written by Marx and Engels?
4. Rajmohan Gandhi's book 'A Tale of two Revolts' deals with the
  • A. Taiping and Indigo Revolts
  • B. Revolts of 1857 and the American Civil War
  • C. Revolts of 1857 and the Deccan Uprising
  • D. American Civil War and Santhal Uprising
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5. 'The Public Intellectual in India' was composed by
6. Who among the following is the author of the book 'Pakistan Paradox': Instability and Resilience?
7. Who among the following wrote the book 'Algebra of Infinite Justice'?
8. Who among the following wrote the book 'Interlinking of Indian Rivers'?
9. Dhanpat Rai was an Indian writer famous for his modern Hindustani literature. He is commonly known as
10. Who among the following wrote the poem 'Subh-e-Azadi'?

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