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1. The phragmoplast, a cell plate formed in plant cells originates from
2. Organisms free floating on the surface of water body are
3. Why do we move our hands while walking?
  • A. To increase the homeostasis of our body
  • B. To increase blood circulation in our body
  • C. To relieve our tension and walk faster
  • D. To maintain equilibrium against force of gravity
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4. llmas,a species of Camel family are found in
5. Who coined the term nucleolus?
6. Which one among the following is a major source of sugar?
7. Which one of the glands in human body produces the growth hormone (somatotrophin)?
8. Which of the following animals have the biconvex and non-nucleated RBCs?
9. If a man of blood group 'A' marries a woman of blood group 'B', their children can be of the blood group
10. The golgi bodies very common in the secretory cells are originate from

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