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General Knowledge on Biology

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1. Factory farming is the characteristic of?
2. In which of following, antibody formation takes place?
3. Dual Energy X-ray absorption tiometry (DEXA) is use to measure?
4. What would happen if the human blood becomes acidic (low pH)?
  • A. RBC count Decrease
  • B. RBC count Increase
  • C. Oxygen-carrying capacity of Haemoglobin is Increased
  • D. Oxygen-carrying capacity of Haemoglobin is Decreased
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5. The Major cause of extinction of species today is?
6. In the grassland, trees do not replace the grasses as a part of an ecological succession because of?
  • A. Water Limits and Fire
  • B. Insects and Fungi
  • C. Limited Sunlight and paucity of Nutrients
  • D. None of the Above
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7. Which one among the following cattle breed produces highest amount of milk?  
8. Which one of the following statement is not true for mammals?  
  • A. some of them lay eggs
  • B. Their heart isa three chambered
  • C. some are aquatic
  • D. They posses hair on the body
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9. In the mouth of a rabbit, diastema is a gap between
  • A. the incisor and canine
  • B. the incisor and heek teeth
  • C. the canine and premolar
  • D. the premolar and molar
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10. Which gland is associated with the production of lymphocytes and antibodies?

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