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General Knowledge on Biology

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1. In the mouth of a rabbit, diastema is a gap between
  • A. the incisor and canine
  • B. the incisor and heek teeth
  • C. the canine and premolar
  • D. the premolar and molar
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2. Which gland is associated with the production of lymphocytes and antibodies?
3. The root system of plants grows out from the
4. Which of the following is used in the production of yoghurt
5. The "pond bloom" of blue green algae which causes the death of fishes and cattles produces the toxins of
6. When our cells are filled with dead or damaged organelles like mitochondria, ER etc, The degradation of these organelles is mainly performed by
7. Which of the following pair of cell orga-nelles is mainly concerned with fatty acid metabolism in both plants and animals?
  • A. Ribosomes and Nucleus
  • B. Lysosomes and Mitochondria
  • C. Peroxisomes and Mitochondria
  • D. Glyoxysomes and Peroxisomes
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8. Pituitiary has been described as the master gland and its hormones govern other endocrine glands. But which of the following glands does not come under its influence?
9. Which of the following parts of insectivorous plants such as nepenthes, darlingtonia, etc have modified to capture the insects?
10. Which one among the following hormones is the 'stress hormone' of plants?

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