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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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1. India's which exports to USA has been growing at a fast pace despite the global slowdown and recession in 2014-2015?
2. What is the opposite in the meaning to the word - Innocent
3. Which of the following is true for Current Bank Account?
  • A. Current Account is opened for annual business and operational requirements
  • B. Current Account is opened for meeting day-to-day business and operational requirements
  • C. Both
  • D. None of these
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4. Air India's 72-seater aircraft landed on which airport at Bhuntar for the first time on 17 June 2015?
5. In which city, the first 500-MW unit of coal-based thermal power plant of NLC Tamil Nadu Power (NTPL) has started its commercial operations
6. What is the name of the American Express bank president, who died suddenly after falling ill on a flight to New York on 29 May 2015?
7. In big move, the government for the first time plans to launch a web portal that can be accessed by a common man to upload visuals and details of missing children and help track them. What is the web address of this website?
8. Yelena Isinbayeva is associated with which of the following games/sports?
9. When did 19 NATO members and 11 'Partners for Peace' join hands for peace plan for Kosovo Crisis?
10. What is the S.I. unit of temperature?

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