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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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1. Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are the countries that have seen the strongest move towards more:
2. Which of these countries has shortest life expectancy?
3. What is opposite of Earnest?
4. What is the name of 225-year-old iconic sweet shop in Old Delhi Chandni Chowk, which downed its shutters on 1 July 2015?
  • A. Bengali Sweet House
  • B. Ghantewala Sweet shop
  • C. Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners
  • D. Shiv Mishthan Bhandar
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5. On 26 May 2015 who was appointed as the head of the newly constituted committee that will give recommendations to recast the model of the so-called public-private-partnership (PPP) model in India?
6. To look into the provisions of the controversial Land Acquisition Bill, who was appointed as the Chairman of the 30-member Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) that was constituted on 18 May 2015?
7. The member states of European Union are
  • A. Belgium, Denmark, France and Greece
  • B. The Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Ireland, Italy
  • C. Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK
  • D. All of the above
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8. The influx of domestic sewage containing detergents cause nutrient enrichment in water bodies due to the presence of
9. The Indian space programme began in
10. The Law of Natural Selection is associated with

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