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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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1. Awaaz-e-Punjab - Political partry was formed on which date by cricketer-turned-politician - Navjot Singh Sidhu
2. Which population is more gender balanced than any other continent?
3. Both the United States and Canada have seen an increase in:
4. Which company recently announced to become carbon neutral by 2018?
5. Which Indian company became the first from India to join the RE100 Renewable Energy Campaign?
6. What is the opposite in meaning to the word - Enthusiasm
7. What is the opposite in the meaning to the word / group of words - Dismiss
8. What does a juvenile or child mean under The Juvenile Justice in India (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 ?
  • A. a person below twelve year of age
  • B. a person below fourteen year of age
  • C. a person below eighteen year of age
  • D. a person below sixteen year of age
  • E. None of these
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9. Which organization is responsible for procurement, allocation and transportation of food grain to be given under Public Distribution System?
10. Which state's police force is embarked to be the first in the country to introduce which Taser guns and other non-lethal arms?

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